Monthly Archives: April 2019

  1. How to get your Google app and client_secret.json

    1. log into you google account
    2. Go to google developers console by visiting
    3. select Enable APIS AND SERVICES
    4. Select Analytics API
    5. Enable the google Analytics API
    6. To get your client_secret.json follow the instruction at to create a project user the link “Go to the Manage resources page”
    7. Use the button Enable the API to create your service account
    8. copy the email address that was created for your service user
    9. Go to your Google Analytics account admin
    10. Under Account select User Management
    11. Select the option to add a user, add the email address for your service account
    12. Look for the gadash folder in the var/sasnapps folder to upload your client_secret.json
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  2. Finding your Google Analytics view ID

    To find your Google Analytics follow the steps below:

    1. Log into your Google Analytics Account
    2. Go to your admin (google analytics admin can be found by clicking the settings icons)
    3. under View click view settings
    4. Your view ID will be under Basic Settings
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  3. SasNapps MarketingMix user Guide

    This is the official user Guide for MarketingMix .The user guide is for the lastest release .

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  4. How to stop Magento 2 Spam Bots

    In the last year we have observed a rapid increase in the number of bots targeting Magento 2 website with spam bots been the most frequent.

    Spam bots target forms that sends emails. Magento 2 spam bots mostly create fake user accounts and fake newsletter subscribers . The aim of spam bots is generally to get your website to send mail on the behalf of an hacker/Spammer , Search your website for vulnerabilities , gain access to your website data/resources and collect your email address. Spam bots can harm your website reputation , slow down your website thus  creating a poor user experience for legitimate customers . Bots can also have a negative effect on your SEO.

    There is no foolproof ways to keep bot of your website as hackers develop new methods everyday . Below are some steps to eliminate  almost all bots,  if you have implemented the steps below and you still continue to have issue send us a message so we can do a custom audit on your website.

    Create a

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