1. log into you google account
  2. Go to google developers console by visiting https://console.developers.google.com
  3. select Enable APIS AND SERVICES
  4. Select Analytics API
  5. Enable the google Analytics API
  6. To get your client_secret.json follow the instruction at https://cloud.google.com/genomics/docs/how-tos/getting-started to create a project user the link “Go to the Manage resources page”
  7. Use the button Enable the API to create your service account
  8. copy the email address that was created for your service user
  9. Go to your Google Analytics account admin
  10. Under Account select User Management
  11. Select the option to add a user, add the email address for your service account
  12. Look for the gadash folder in the var/sasnapps folder to upload your client_secret.json