To get your access token and secret you need to generate a a twitter app.

If you already have a twitter app that you would like to use please to take the following steps:

  • 1.Navigate to your twitter dashboard on .
  • 2. Go to the keys and token page and select create under Access token & access token secret.

How to create your twitter App

  • Create a twitter developer account by going to
  • Select the option to continue as the account you would like MatketingMix to post to
  • select the option" I am requesting access for my own personal use"
  • Enter your account username , select the country you are based out of and select continue
  • Under "What use case(s) are you interested in" select Publish and curate Tweets
  • Under the option to describe in your own words what you are building please to enter some text that explain you would like to connect your website to your twitter account for posting tweets . The app do not analyze Tweets, retweet or like contents . No twitter data will be collected
  • For the question "Will your product, service, or analysis make Twitter content or derived information available to a government entity" please to select no and continue
  • Twitter will now ask you to accept their Terms of Service
  • Once you have accepted their Terms of service and email will be sent to you please to confirm from your email .
  • After you have accepted the Terms you should be taken to the get started page , select the option to create an APP
  • Fill out the form to create your APP , for your Terms of Service and Privacy policy you can just put in your websites terms . You will not need a callback URL you can leave blank or use your website domain . The app will not need to sign in with twitter .
  • Select Keys and Tokens select the option to create Access token & access token secret
  • copy the data and place it into your MarkeingMIx configurations