Merchats are reporting that  6 out 10 customers abandon thier shopping cart . This means that if you could recover half of your abandon carts your revenue will  increase  by 30% .  Customer abandon  shopping carts for various reason ,Below are some of the more popular reasons .

1.Unexpected final price at cheackout  , Customers sometimes select items based on the price advertise in the catalog,  when  product options , shipping and taxes are  added  the final price  is no longer afordable for the customer .  By sending these customer an abandon cart email with a discount coupon you may recover some of these sales.

2. Slow site  , If you site is not moveing fast enough your customers may abandon your site for you competitiors . Magento merchants can resolve this  using our sever optimization .

3.Complicated checkout , your checkout process is too complex  or has too many steps  this cause your  customers to find your site too difficult to navigated.  To resolve this ask your developer to help you simplify  your checkout process  .

To help  increase your conversion its essential that you resolve all technical issues before you start sending abandon emails. If you don't have a developer  Sasnapps can provide you with a developer  visit for more information .

Below are some sample emails for your abandon cart emails 

Howdy John ,

Your items are not been shipped

Abandon Cart Images

To ship your items now follow click here .

Regards Sasnapps

Hello Marcia 

you left your cart  , Use copon code S3veda to get 40% off your items .

Abandon Cart Images

Click here to get your discount now !.

Regards Sasnapps

Hello Marcia 

There are some items in your your shoping cart . Complete your order in the next 24 hours and get  30 % off .

Use the coupon code 123456 to get your discount .

Best Regards Sansapps

Hello Maryann Kain

Congratulations! you  have been seleted to get a discount on the items in your cart . Complete your cart in the next 13 hours and get 40 % off.

Use the coupon code 123HYTFff-23 to get your discount .

Resume your cart 

Best Regards

Customer Service Sasnapps