How to configure

  • Navigate to your admin panel.
  • From the admin menu select Sasnapps
  • From the Sasnapps menu select Markeetingmix Configurations
  • Enter the options for the items that you would like to use. If you do not configure a setting you can’t use the associated featured.

You can obtain your access details from your service providers, if you have additional difficulties please reach out to our customer support for the current methods of obtaining access details.

Campaign Management

To create your campaigns please to take the steps below :

  1. select Manage Campaign from your Sasnapps admin menu.
  2. Select the option to add new Campaign

To modify and existing campaign select the option to edit beside the campaign.

Trigger Types

The trigger type date refers to campaigns been sent on a selected date. The date field is used to select the date to send these campaigns. This is the only valid trigger type for social media campaigns. Contents for the trigger type are selected from the "configure contacts for custom date" tab. For best results please schedule all custom date campaigns at least one hour ahead.

The Trigger type event refers to actions taken by the customer . You can select the event from the events drop down . Contacts for the events are created under "configure contacts for events" tab. For each contact you need to select how long after the event happens you want the customer to be contacted. For example, you want to send a customer an email if they have not signed into your store for 3 months. From the "configure contacts for events" tab you would select the delay units of days and in the delay field you would enter 90. If The customer has not respond to your first message you can send a second message 7 day after the first one by selecting days from the second delay units drop down and entering 7 in the delay field right under it. To send the customer a third message if they have not return to the site in 5 days after the second message you select days for the third delay unit and enter 5 in the amount for the delay field.

The configurations described above would have contacted your customer 3 times if they do not login to your site the first would be 90 days after they last log in. The second would be 97 days after they last log in and the final one would be 103 days after they last login. You can also create several campaigns for the same events using different delay times



The medium field refers to how customers are to be contacted. If you select the option for emails and SMS customer will be contacted by both emails and SMS . The social media only medium will add a post to your Facebook page or send a tweet on the specified date in the date field. The contents for your post and tweet must be enter under the "Configure contacts for custom date" tab. Tweet are entered in the tweet contented field. Post are entered in the Facebook post content field you can specify a link for your post in the Facebook link field.

Website and Group

If you have placed customers into multiple groups on your website or you have multiple website on the same installation you can use these fields as a to restrict campaigns to only customers belonging to a certain group or website.

Custom URL for Campaign

This must be a valid URL.

Examples of valid URL are ,, .

Examples of bad URL are: , sasnapps

It is important that URLs entered are valid so we can optimize them for Google Analytics and create short URL .The URL you enter in this field can be a custom landing page for your campaign or any page on your website


To use bitly to shorten your custom URL or abandon cart URL select yes from the field ” Use Bitly URL Shortner” .A bitly access code must be entered in your configurations.


Sms can be sent on a custom date or after a customer event. SMS for custom date campaigns are entered under the configure contacts for custom date tab. SMS for events are entered under the delay field for each contact from the configure contacts for events tab.

An SMS provider should be selected from your configurations tab.

The following variables are available to customized SMS messages.

Variable Description
{{first name}} The customer first name, Example John if the customer full name is John Brown.
{{name}} The Customer Full name. Example John Brown
{{coupon code}} The personalized coupon code created by the campaign for this customer.
{{custom link}} The URL entered into the field “Custom URL for Campaign” . The url sent to the customer will be the optimized URL for Google Analytics. This URL will also be shorten if you have selected the option to use bitly .
{{abandoncart link}} This is only valid for campaigns of the event abandon cart. once this URL is clicked the customer will be taken back to their cart. This url can also be shorten with bitly.


The coupon tab help you to create discounts for you campaign to be used in your shopping cart. The Discount type field refers to the type of discount a fixed discount will take a fixed amount from the shopping cart subtotal while a percentage discount will give the customer a discount which is a percentage of the subtotal value in their shopping cart. The discount amount field refers to the amount to remove from the shopping cart based on the discount type. The days before coupon expire refers to how long a coupon code should last it has been created.

Configure Emails

To populate the emails drop down for your campaigns you need to create the emails first.

To create an email for you campaign please to follow the steps below :

  1. From your admin menu select marketing -> Email templates
  2. Select the option to add a new template.
  3. From the drop down labeled Load default template select Marketing Mix Template under the heading Sasnapps_Marketingmix.
  4. Select the option to load the template.
  5. Enter your template name in the filed labeled template name.
  6. Enter the subject for your email in the field labeled template subject.
  7. Compose your email field labeled template contents.
  8. Select the option to save Template.

Variable are available to personalize your message to your customers. To insert a variable simple select the insert variable option under template variables you will see all the available variables for your campaign. You can also enter magneto default variables as well when customizing your emails.

The variables Abandon Cart link and Abandon Cart items are only available to campaigns of the trigger type event and the even Abandon cart.

The Variables Order Items/ Review Items, Order related products, order upsell ,Order cross sell are only available to campaigns if the type trigger type event and the event Order Status.

Abandon cart items, Order Items/ Review Items, Order related products, Order upsell, Order cross sell will all place product pictures in the emails.


Matrix are used to target customers based on their age, location, sales history , order/cart total and order status .

All campaigns of the event order status should have a matrix with at least one filer to specify which status the contact should be created on.

To populate the matrix field for your campaigns please to follow the instructions below:

  1. From admin menu select Sasnapps
  2. From the Sasnapps menu please to select customer matrix .
  3. To create a new matrix select the option to add new customer matrix.
  4. Create your matrix.

Matrix Options '

Some matric are invalid for some campaign for example a campaign of the event type "product added to Wishlist" will not be able to use the filter order cart subtotal less than as the customer is not placing an order .

The customer age group filter will select customers based on their age.

The country filter will only select customers from the country selected.

The state state/province , city and zip post codes will only select customers whose address matches the value entered .

You can use a combination of location filters or just one.

Message Queue

The message queue is a log of all contacts that are to be sent. Messages may be kept in the queue for up to 15 days after they have been sent .

Sent Messages

Sent messages is a log of all sent emails. The sent message log stores contact sent less than 45 days ago. It will also display the status of messages sent.

Unsubscribed Customers

Displays a list of emails who have opt out of your campaign using the unsubscribe link.

Google Analytics Dashboard

To use the dashboard you must have google Analytics set up for your store.

From the marketingmix configuration you should have entered your google view id and uploaded your client secret to your webserver you will be able to get reports from google on your campaigns .

The dashboard will provide you with details of visitors activity on your site.