Follow up email for Magento2 with SMS and social Media marketing .

Magento 2 Follow up Email with SMS and social media marketing By Sasnapps

Magento 2 Follow up Email with SMS and social media marketing By Sasnapps

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Sasnapps MarketingMix allows Magento 2 web store to send messages to existing customers based on predefined campaign rules. Contacts are sent using emails, SMS or both. Different messages can be configured for SMS and email.

The Marketingmix extension can send abandon cart  contact , happy birthday contact , all orders status contacts and customer action contacts.

One Login

Post to your facebook page, send tweets, shorten URL and  view your google Analytics report all from your Magento 2 admin.

No monthly fee

We provide 3 months free support to get you started. After your support period has expired you can purchase additional support on a as needed basic.

Unlimited SMS & Email Marketing each month

Create you SMS and email marketing campaign from within your magneto admin.

No third parties

The Marketingmix extension helps you to protect your customers privacy and reduce your liabilities by allowing you to send your customers promotions without sharing any customer data with a third-party company.

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Marketting Mix allows merchants to send targeted messages to customers to increase conversion and help with customer retention. Messages are sent based on customer activities along with configuration using SMS and emails.

In addition to the ability to send your customers messages based on activities and order status, merchants can also send customer messages if they become inactive and on their birthdays.   

Custom Date and social Media

Merchants can use the custom date feature to post messages to their Facebook and twitter account from their Magento admin or contact customers on a specified date and time.



    1. A merchant can schedule a happy independence message to be sent to all customers living in the United States on July 4th at noon
    3. A merchant can create a campaign on July 1 to post an Independence day  on July 4th at 9 am  to their Facebook page.

Targeted Messages  

With the Marketingmix extension customers can be targeted based on their location, Age group, sales history and order status
The Marketingmix customer matrix can create an unlimited number of rules to target customers, below are a few examples: 
  • Email customers related, upsell and cross-sell products based on their orders status.
  • Send promotions to repeat customers only
  • Target customers based on their life time sales value.
  •  Restrict messages to customer s in a specified location.
  •  Target customers based on their age group.
  •  Send review reminders or other message based on order status.
  •  Send abandon cart messages based on the cart subtotal.
  •  Filter customers by customer group and website
  •  Send customers messages based on order total and order status.

URL shortener

The Marketingmix extension is integrated with Bitly to allow URL shortening for emails and SMS.

Merchants can simply enter a correct Bitly access token and select the option to use bilty for the campaign once this is done custom URLs and abandon cart URL will be shorten.

Custom Landing Pages

With the marketing mix extension merchants can specify a custom link for the campaign which can be on your Magento site or landing page.

SMS Number Validation

The Marketingmix extension automatically format , check validity and number type of all telephone number before attempting to send a message to the number . This reduce the cost associated with sending SMS as merchants will no longer need to pay their SMS service provider for number validation or lookup.

SMS Marketing

The Marketingmix extension allows merchants create SMS  with dynamic configuration. Examples:

  • Merchants can personalize each SMS to greet customer using their first names.
  • Merchants can send customer a link to recover their abandon cart using SMS.

The marketing mix come integrated with Twilio and Nexmo to send SMS .

In the event that a merchant would like to use another service provider, please contact us for a custom integration.

Google Analytics

All Campaigns are automatically optimized for Google Analytics tracking. Merchants can use the Goggle Analytics dashboard integrated with the Marketing extension to view results from campaigns.

Custom Coupons

The Marketingmix extension allows customs to create custom coupons for each campaign and send customer the code and expiry date . this coupon will automatically work with your magneto 2 web store.

Protect your Customer's Privacy 

All messages are sent from the merchant’s store as a result you will not need to share your customers data with a third-party provider or pay a monthly fee for a limited amount of messages.


  • Magento 2.2
  • Magento2.3


  • Unsubscribe link for emails
  • Products and pictures for emails
  • Mail Log
  • Custom Variables to personalize emails and Sms
  • Magento Approved Extension
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