Server Optimization

Server Optimization

Magento 2 extension Installation

Extension Installation

Technical Issue Resolution

Technical Issue Resolution

Server Optimization

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Magento Server Optimization

Optimize server perform up to 20 times better than non optimize server . Merchants experience a decrease in abandon cart rate , improve SEO and increase conversion rate . Our Magento Optimization service will help to identity codes and software that may be slowing down your performance . If you would like your code to be optimize please to order out Magento Custom Development service . Our server optimization focus on the performance and security of your server.

Magento Speed Optimization

Optimize your current infrastructure for maximum speed in the event that current infrastructure is unable to support your desired speed our developers will help you to select a hosting provider that will be able to support your business needs

The optimization is based on the needs of your business. Please contact us to get a quote in less that 24 hours . This service pack includes :

    • Caching

      Finding the best caching system for your web store . The cache will depend on your Magento version , your server configuration and capabilities , comparability of your software with caching software. Examples of Caching system that we install are :

      1. Varnish
      2. Memcache/Redis
      3. Opcache
    • Server Compression

      Compression for text files (HTML, CSS, JS, fonts, text, JSON, etc.)

    • Database Optimization

      Configure Magento for best performance and log cleaning

    • CDN

      Set up or configure CDN for merchants who have or want to create a CDN service

    • Front End Optimization
      1. Leverage browser Caching
      2. Optimization of asset, Merchants may need to purchase and install additional software for image magnification and lazy loading
      3. Defer Parsing of JavaScript as much as possible
      4. Async CSS

Magento security Optimization

security optimization of Magento will depend on your server settings and needs . Our general configuration includes the following :

  • SSL installation
  • server scan for security vulnerabilities
  • server security optimization
  • Magento Patches installation
  • Installation of commercial or Open Source Waf optimized for Magento
  • Optimize website to eliminate spam and all other bots .
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